Signature Leather Collection 

M.G. Ballard has been designing wearable art leather apparel since 1982. Many celebrities and professional women have pieces of her wearable art in their closets, and as many have told her - "they are the pieces to wear when you want to gain attention."  However, knowing that not everyone was bold enough to wear her art, in the 90's, she began to design leather wall-hangings and decorator pillows as well.

The Essential Elements Collection 

The M.G. Ballard Designs Essential Elements Collection is a line of stylish, yet comfortable knit garments. Each garment is individually cut and constructed upon ordering.  

With the basic dress in the collection you are given the option to personalize it by selecting silhouettes that flatter your figure type, along with your preferred neckline and sleeve types, etc.   We also have a wide range of colors. 

The basic dress is the key garment in our 50,000 Dresses Project.  Order them online, at a 50,000 Dresses Events, or at Fashion Parties.  To find out more about the project, visit

  Fun-Kee Wonderfuls Collection

    For the fun and artsy customer, Funk-Kee Wonderfuls is a new, more affordable        collection of wearable and decorative art and accessories featuring M.G. Ballard's     graphic art.