The Barbara King Collection

Bishop Dr. Barbara L. King, affectionately called Dr. Barbara,  is the Founder Minister/World  Spiritual Leader of Hillside International Truth Center, Inc., a New  Thought, inclusive, healing ministry open to all people, headquartered  in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Having designed for Dr. Barbara for several years, I am excited to offer  this Collection inspired by her  and her love of  butterflies. She has inspired and touched so many lives, and has  reminded us that, like the butterfly, we can all transform beyond our  place of struggle and challenges to emerge beautiful and rise! 

Helping Others Transform

Ten percent (10%) of each sale is donated to an organization that provides support to victims of domestic violence.

The Lessons of Butterflies

As a child growing, up I was always attracted to the beauty and flight of butterflies. Butterflies represent the few creatures in nature that show the transformation of forms from the larva (or egg), to the caterpillar, into the cocoon, to its ultimate succession as the beautiful, colorful butterfly. The butterfly eventually leaves its cocoon, in celestial beauty and love, to continue its life’s work. The butterfly, for me, symbolizes my ability to go through profound changes with renewal and rebirth.

The Collection features an assortment of garments and accessories that feature artistic renderings of butterflies. From each sale of items in the collection, ten percent (10%) will be donated to charities that assist women and children affected by domestic violence.

The artwork for the initial collection was titled “Grace in Flight” in recognition of the many, many women who, each year, gather the courage to walk away, and begin the process of healing and transformation. I continue my own transformation through this latest venture - the Barbara King Collection.

Love, Peace and Butterflies,
Barbara King

Determining the Size to Order

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