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Evening, Special Occasion and Bridal Gowns

For  over 40 years Marva Ballard has been designing exquisite bridal, evening, prom and other special occasion gowns for truly discerning clients all across the country.   Clients typically request her for gowns when they want something truly unique and attention grabbing.

The  service requires an initial consultation which can be made in person or  face-to-face via technology. A conversation with the client, and taking a full set of measurements are the first steps in creating something wonderful.   

Designing the gown,  sourcing for the perfect fabrics and embellishments, and conducting  fittings are part of the process that includes drafting a pattern from  the client's personal measurements.  We have working relationships with  other professionals that enable us to work with clients who live at a  distance from our studio. 


Because  of the time involved, it is best to allow at least two months to have a gown custom made. Bridal gowns must be given a minimum four-month  lead time.  

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