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Garments in the Essential Elements Collection of knit apparel are individually cut and constructed.  

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It's About FIT Not Size


Garments in the collection are ordered by Fit Number (1-7) rather than by size, and the basic dress in the collection is the core garment used to determine which Fit Number a customer wears. You can find your by attending a Fitting Event or stopping by a Fitting Boutique  (if one is available in your area). You can also determine your fit on your own using the guidelines below.  Once you determine your best fit in our dresses, you can comfortably order other garments in the collection.   

Options with Style Features


Unless it is a one-size-fit-all garment, the coats, jackets  and popovers are designed to fit comfortably over the dresses, and the tops and skirts carry the same fit as the dresses.    Additionally, because they are made-to-order, you have choices with several of the style features in many of the garments.  You get to select necklines, sleeve designs and lengths, and get to choose whether or not you want pockets.

Essential elements fit, Style and Color Guide

Below you will find directions on how to find your fit, as well as your style and color options.  You can also download the guide (PDF) so you can keep it handy while you are going through the process of placing an order.

EE_Fitting_Style_Color_Guide (pdf)


How to Find Your Fit on your own


Know Your Fit Preference

Only you know how you want your garments to fit. The first step is recognizing if you prefer your knit garments hug the body, skim your body or fit loosely over your body.  However, once you know that, you can use your body measurements to determine your Fit Number and the best Silhouette for your body type. 


Take Your Body Measurments

Take your body measurements at the bust, waist and hip. We also  recommend taking them at the tummy because that measurement may actually  be larger than the hip. Once you have your actual measurements in hand,  use the Garment Measurement Chart below to determine the FIT number and silhouette to  order.


Determine Your Best Silhouette

We offer two silhouettes in our basic dress, a contoured silhouette that will allow a closer fit in the waist for those whose waistlines are proportionally smaller than their bust and hips; and a straight cut silhouette for those whose waistline measurements are more in line with their bust and hip. The straight silhouette is also better suited for those who simply prefer more room in the waistline.

Understanding and Using the Chart


The actual garment measurements are in Blue (if your body measurements closely correspond to the garment measurements in blue, then you know the garment will basically flow over your body without hugging. If your body measurements closely align with the measurements in yellow, that same fit number will give you a comfortable fit, but it will hug the body more. If your body measurements more closely align with the measurements in red, you can still wear that fit number because the fabric will stretch to that measurement, but it will be tight. If you prefer a loose fit, order the Fit Number with measurements larger than your actual body measurements.

We know that in most instances customer body measurements will not directly correspond to each of the garment measurements given, so we recommend that they aim for the best fit in the bust and then allow for the waist and hip to be tighter or looser if necessary. If the dress is too tight at the bust it will cause the bust area to look compressed, which won’t be flattering. If they order the Fit Number based on the bust and it turns out that their waist measurements will give them a fit that is too tight, they should order the straight silhouette. 

We also know there are customers whose bodies are considered top heavy or bottom heavy – your typical V or Pear shape. 

For the V Shape – where the bust is proportionately larger, we offer a dropped armhole in the styling option which will give more room in the bust and upper arm. We also offer the option of using two different Fit Numbers for the top and bottom. These pattern adjustments are considered custom and customers are charged a small adjustment fee.

For help in determining your Fit Number and Silhouette, email us at  with your contact information, your measurements, and front and side  full body shots of yourself  (nothing professional - just have someone  take it with a phone). It will help us to help you determine your best fit. 

Select Your Style Features

Understand the Terms


Because garments in the Essential Elements Collection are made-to-order, you have choices  with several of the style features in many of the garments.  You get to  select necklines, sleeve designs and lengths, and get to choose whether or not you want pockets in the coats and jackets. 

select your color


Colors available are on the chart above. When you go to place your  order, you must write in the name of the color you've selected.  We  introduce new colors periodically and this is the page where you will  find them. 

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