it starts with the fit of the dress

Only YOU know how you want your knit dresses to fit. Do you like for them to hug  your body, skim your body or fit loosely over your body? Once you decide, you can use the information below to get YOUR best fit.

Download the Fit, Style and Color Guide and have it handy at your fingertips each time you place an order.

How to Determine Your Fit

Take your body measurements


Take your body measurements at the bust, waist and hip. We also recommend taking them at the tummy because that measurement may actually be larger than the hip. Once you have your actual measurements in hand, use chart above to determine the FIT number and silhouette to order.

The Fit Number you select will be based on how you want your  garment to fit. Because the garments are knits, they will stretch over  the body.  With each Fit Number there is an associated range of measurements given for the bust, waist and hips. Each range of measurements starts with the actual measurement of the garment without it being stretched. The dress will stretch approximately 4” beyond the actual  measurement of the garment. 

Please note: The chart above also gives associated ranges of approximate letter and numerical sizes. Size measurements today are as varied as the manufacturers that use them. So, use this only to give you a general idea of where to start.

Select your best silhouette


We offer two silhouettes in our basic dress, a contoured silhouette that will allow a closer fit in the waist for those whose waistlines are proportionally smaller than their bust and hips; and a straight cut silhouette for those whose waistline measurements are more in line with their bust and hip. The straight silhouette is also better suited for those who simply prefer more room in the waistline.

Dolman Sleeve Basic Dress option


We also offer a Dolman sleeve alternative to our basic dress that is a fitting solution for customers with a significantly larger bust in comparison to the waist and hip and for those who have larger upper arms. This design gives more room in both areas and gives the same styling options in the neckline and dress length, and the choice of a three-quarter or long sleeve.


The Fit in the Other items

Based on the Fit of the Dress

With the exception of scarves and other accessories and our one-size -fit-all garments, the sizing of our  garments are all developed around the fit of the dress.  The tops and tunics are developed with the same base patterns and carry the same fit. Coats and jackets are designed to be worn over the dress and have additional wearing ease built in.  

Please note that even though you may want a tight fit in the dress and order a Fit Number where your body measurements are at the end of the scale , it would be wise to order a coat and jacket in a Fit Number where the actual garment measurements (the numbers in gold)  are closely aligned with your body measurements so that it will hang nicely over your dress.

Help is always available

We are always available to help you determine your fit. If you find that you need help with the fitting process, please email us at or call us at 334.213.9552. If no one is available at the moment you are in the ordering process, we can schedule a virtual appointment with you to help you determine your fit and answer any other questions you may have.

Fit, Style and Color Guide (pdf)


Measuring_Tape (pdf)