Our Mission - Change Lives One Dress at a Time


Building Skills and Providing Support

Our  mission is to use the Essential Elements Collection to make a   difference. We want to teach young single mothers how to construct  garments in the Essential Elements Collection. After training, they can  work along with us and earn while we support their efforts to further  their education.  


Providing Flexible Income Opportunities

Single  mothers who have to work either full or part time while attending  school are twice as likely to drop out. We want to give them the  opportunity to wrap their work hours around their class hours so that  they can work towards earning a degree, diploma, and/or certification  that will start them on a career path.  


Changing Lives

Helping  single mothers gain a college education not only boosts their ability  to have financial sustainability, but increases the likelihood that  their children will seek a higher education. The benefits go beyond them  and their children. Single mothers with sustainable income also become  more engaged in their communities.