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Partner with us and raise funds for your organization.

We are offering 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations the opportunity to raise funds  by providing ways for customers to Find Their Fit in our Essential Elements Collection.   

Organizations can partner with us by hosting Annual Fitting Events in their community or they can operate Fitting Boutiques.

We donate 25% of every sale back to the organization to support their programs and operations.

Hosting Fitting Events

By hosting Fitting Events, organizations provide the way for potential customers to stop by and try on one of our Fitting Dresses to find their best fit.  Fitting Events can be run over the course of a few days or can be one day events. We provide everything needed, including face-to-face support during the event.  Your organization provides the space and the volunteer assistants.  

Operating Fitting Boutiques

If your organization has a permanent physical location you might want to consider setting up an Essential Elements Fitting Boutique.  All you'll have to do is  display the Fitting Dresses, fabric swatches, and information about the collection. You'll also need to provide a private area for customers to change (dressing room, restroom, etc.) and a table and chair where they can sit and complete their Customer Profile Cards. Your organization decides on the days and hours your Fitting Boutique will be open to the public. 

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Helping support your mission supports our mission as well


Building Skills and Providing Support

Our mission is to use the Essential Elements Collection to make a difference. We want to teach young single mothers how to construct  garments in the Essential Elements Collection. After training, they can work along with us and earn while we support their efforts to further their education.


Providing Flexible Income Opportunities

Single mothers who have to work either full or part time while  attending school are twice as likely to drop out. We want to give them the opportunity to wrap their work hours around their class hours so that they can work towards earning a degree, diploma, and/or certification that will  start them on a career path.  

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Changing Lives

Helping single mothers gain a college education not only boosts  their ability to have financial sustainability, but increases the  likelihood that their children will seek a higher education. The  benefits go beyond them and their children. Single mothers with  sustainable income also become more engaged in their communities. 

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