• Essential Elements Basic Dress

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    The Essential Elements Basic Dress is the core garment in the collection. Made from a beautiful blend of 67% polyester, 30% rayon and 3% spandex, they can be machine washed and dried, require little to no ironing and pack well. They can be worn comfortably under jackets for business and make the perfect backdrop for wonderful scarves and accessories. 

    The dress features a dropped shoulder to accommodate various shoulder lengths and you have options in your sleeve length (cap, three-quarter, or long.) You can select your neckline (Jewel, Scooped, Soft-V, or Boat) and whether you want a silhouette that is straight, contoured or contoured with extra depth in the armhole (available with a 3/4 or long sleeve only), and you can also select your dress length. Please note that there are price differences related to some of the style elements you select. You have the choice of several different colors.

    You determine your FIT rather than size based on our Fit Numbers (1-7).  You choose your number based on your bust, waist, tummy and hip measurements and your desired fit (loose, body-skimming, or body hugging.) You can also select a different Fit Number for the top and bottom of your dress if there is a size difference.

    Fit Guide:

    The Fit Number in the dress is the same number you would order in the other garments in the collection. Please enter your Measurement Code where indicated for the best fit around your upper and lower arms, and for the lengths of your dress and sleeves.

    Color chart is provided below.