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With the Beautiful Colors in the Essential Elements Collection

2020 Essential

The leather trench coat  is the outerwear essential of the moment.  Order our "Tena" Trench.


Welcome to our website! I invite you to come in and click around.  The one thing you will notice is that we are not an online store where you make a purchase and something is pulled from the inventory and shipped to you. Everything you see here is made to order and shipped when completed.  Of course this means you may have a little wait; however you ALSO have a few options in almost anything shown.  I've had an over 40 year career as a fashion designer, and the one thing I know is that we like "options."  So I let my customers get in on the creative process to better suit their personal styling needs.  

The second thing you will find is that almost everything we do is attached to a cause we are passionate about or provides the opportunity for others to raise money for causes they are passionate about.  Because we no longer sell our products through brick and mortar retailers, we market largely through through our customers who share our products with others. We want to reward their sharing with the opportunity to make their purchases make a difference. We believe in the power of the purse and the pocket!

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you  find something you'd like for us to make for you!

Marva G. Ballard   


Signature Leather Collection


Marva Ballard has been designing unique leather wearable art garments and home accessories since 1982 under the label M.G. Ballard Designs. Each piece is individually made to order, giving the customer options in color. 

Essential Elements Collection


Garments in the Essential Elements Collection of knit apparel are individually cut and constructed. Because they are made-to-order, customers have choices with several of the style features in many of the garments. Additionally, garments in the collection are ordered by Fit Number rather than size. 

Signature Scarves


Scarves add a pop of pizzazz to any outfit! Want to add a point of interest to a simple black dress, toss on a scarf and own the look! Or, toss one over a power suit to enhance your personal statement. Because you don't have to worry about size, they make perfect gifts for many occasions. 

About Marva G. Ballard


Artist, Designer & Educator

Marva started sewing at the age of five but started drawing at the age of three and has always considered herself an artist first. She studied art at the University of Akron; however, she credits most of her training in the arts to the Akron Public School system.


“I was very fortunate to grow up during a time and in a place where public schools valued arts education and amply budgeted for it. There was hardly an art medium I didn’t have a chance to explore. I was extremely shy and awkward and as a young girl. However, my abilities in art defined and validated me.