signature leather collection


About the Collection

Marva Ballard has been designing unique leather wearable art garments under the label M.G. Ballard Designs since 1982.  She started doing decorator wall-hangings and decorator pillows in 2000 so customers who liked her art, but were more conservative with their wardrobes, could collect her pieces. Each piece is individually made to order, giving the customer options in color and letting them share in the creative process.  In addition to the inlaid leather technique, she also uses embossed patterns to create interest with texture.   

Please use the information below to determine the best size to order for leather garments in the Signature Leather Collection, and the Barbara King Collection .

Fitting Methods

All of our Leather items are made to order. You provide us with your best size by using either of two methods:

  • Method 1  is where you select your best size using your body measurements, or 
  • Method 2  is where you provide us with the measurements from a similar garment that fits you  well. 

Since we can't determine how you want your items to fit, using Method 2 is ultimately better because you will use the measurements from a garment that fits you the way you want it to fit.

Below there is a link to a form you can download and use to record either your body measurements for Method 1 or the garment measurements for Method 2, along with instructions on how to enter your measurements when you place an order.
The form is a PDF with fields that can be filled out on your computer and emailed to us at

Also, realizing that not everyone has a measuring tape handy at home, we've provided a Printable Measuring Tape below that you can download, print, cut, and tape together! 

Method 1

Using Your Body Measurements

Use your body measurements and use the Leather Finished Garment Measurement Chart to determine your size.

With using this method, keep in mind that when ordering leather garments you must leave room for WEARING EASE to give your body room for movement since leather does not stretch.  Once you know your body measurements, use the Suggested Wearing Ease guidelines below to determine how much wearing ease should be in the bust, waist and hip area.  Add those numbers to your bust, waist and hip measurement and use the Leather Finished Garment Measurement Chart on the form to determine your size.

When you place your order, where you select your size, you also have the option to select "Body Measurements Provided." You can enter your measurements where indicated, OR you can simply email the form containing your measurements to us at Once we have  your measurements, we can help you determine the best size for your garment to be made.  

Method 2

Using Garment Measurements

Use the measurements of a garment that fits you well from your own closet. When using this method, you simply find a garment in your closet that fits you well and has a style similar to the garment you are ordering (ex. a fitted jacket if you are ordering a fitted jacket). Lay the garment flat on a surface where you can spread out the garment as shown (ex. a table or a bed) Measure it in the areas indicated on the diagram above. We will double the number for the measurements where it says "HALF" to get the total number of inches.

When you place your order, where you select your size, select the option that says "Garment Measurements Provided." You can enter the garment measurements where indicated, OR you can simply email the form containing the measurements to us at Your garment will be made using the measurements you provide to us.

16 Leather Colors!

Please download the full Color Chart below to view and select colors for use in creating your leather garment.


Sizing Form (pdf)


Printable Measuring Tape (pdf)


Leather Color Chart (pdf)